Terms and conditions

Our company has the right, under certain circumstances and restrictions, to change the date of the tour and the route of the tour at its discretion and take into account the best interests of tourists and/or participants.

Derej Eretz reserves the right to visit alternative locations to those scheduled due to force majeure, bad weather, or imposed security limitations.

Los turistas y/o participantes están obligados a seguir las instrucciones del guía turístico.
Los turistas y/o participantes que decidan dejar el recorrido a mitad de camino antes de que se complete, no tendrán derecho a reembolso o compensación de ningún otro tipo.

If the tourist and/or participant arrives late, the tour leader may, at his/her discretion, continue the tour. All expenses caused by the delay of the tourist and/or participant will be borne by the tourist and/or participant and will not be entitled to any compensation.

The prices indicated do not include food.
VAT: By law, Israeli citizens must add VAT to the payment.
Derej Eretz is not responsible for the loss of belongings/items during the tour.
If we can locate the lost item for you, you will be notified by phone.
The minimum age to join sightseeing tours is 7 years old (there is no minimum age for private tours).
Our Daily Tours and Tour Packages/Multi-Day Tours can be bilingual (English and another language).

Payment by credit card:
Your credit card details are protected by the highest level of security.
Your card is charged immediately when the reservation is made. If we are unable to load your credit card for any reason, the reservation will not be approved.

The prices indicated are current and valid. Derek Eretz may change prices at its discretion.

By accepting these terms and conditions, the participant and/or tourist is aware of and allows Derek Eretz or any of its representatives to use at their complete discretion and for any purpose (advertising or not) the photos that were taken during the tour. All this without prior notice to the participant/tourist.
The participant before / tourist may not ask for any remuneration of any kind for the use of the photos mentioned above

We may send you marketing emails with information about special offers, offers, and other promotions that we think you will find valuable, interesting, or informative.
You will receive marketing emails from us if you have given consent to them, if you have requested them, or if you purchased products or services from us and have not opted out of receiving marketing emails.
If you are no longer interested in receiving future email marketing communications, you can unsubscribe at any time by replying to the email and saying that you wish to unsubscribe.

Organized trips
Organized trips may be canceled or rescheduled if a minimum number of participants is not reached. If the new date does not fit the tourist and/or participant will be given one year to register and participate in any of the tours according to their convenience (depends on availability).

The customer is not entitled to claim a refund unless he agrees with our cancellation policy or under certain special circumstances that have been approved by the management of the company. Please note that this process takes time and depends on the credit company for processing.

Cancellation Policy:
A cancellation fee of 4% is charged for notification up to 2 days in advance.
A cancellation fee of 25% is charged for notification up to 1 day in advance.
100% cancellation fee charged for notification on the day of the tour.
Do notre-settle: 100% charge charged

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