The Land of Israel is one of the smallest in the world and yet it is one of the most fascinating.

The cultural and religious richness it contains brings us closer to its inhabitants in an experiential way and evokes the senses through flavors, colors, and smells that will surprise you again and again. The archaeological remains of international importance and the influential history through the centuries, invite us to tour and discover this land of legends, stories, and fantastic tales.

witness more than 5000 years of history that tell us about great kings, glorious cities, prophets, conquests, wars, and more.

The variety of ecosystems in Israel gives us places with wonderful landscapes and a meeting point for flora and fauna from various parts of the world.

Its landscapes and places are varied and impressive; it includes snow-capped peaks, deserts, waterfalls, and forests, visit modern cities, or discover temples and remains of ancient civilizations.

stroll through the different cities of Israel, walk its streets, listen to their stories and get to know their people, their traditions, culture, and urban life.

typical foods of different cultures and different countries mixing family customs and the adaptation of Jewish religion and tradition.


It doesn't matter if you like nature, history, gastronomy or getting to know the local life. I offer you a wide range of destinations, attractions, and activities. You can choose the ideal trip or tour for you!

your guide

Certified guide and founder of Derej Eretz

If you use more than just a trip; I invite you to a unique experience through the eyes of an immigrant. I will be your guide to unique and unforgettable experiences; full of history, personal tales, adventure, nature, and moreAlways with a smile, I offer you the best of services.

native guide

With me you will visit cities of interest and/or you can travel the country on trails with different levels of difficulty. you will enjoy an adventure like no other.

unique locations

Enjoy Israel and its spectacular views, incredible landscapes, historical sites, vibrant cities, and some of the holiest places on the planet.

popular landmarks

Israel is a country that makes you travel back in time, you will find from ancient settlements to modern cities full of culture and art, and a rich nightlife.


You will have a comprehensive guide, with tours available in Spanish, Hebrew, and English and with tours full of history, personal tales, adventure, nature, and more.

Tours in Spanish, Hebrew, and English to Israel, designed for an incredibly unforgettable experience, led by certified professional guides. Contact us now for the best itineraries and prices.

From one end of this Holy Land to the other, Israel offers endless cultures, outdoor adventures, and an outstanding religious heritage recognized throughout the world. Exploring this land means soaking history at every turn, while the food scene offers travelers the chance to enjoy new flavors to experience. Come and get to know Israel!


native. experienced.

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frequently asked questions

frequently asked questions

We have tours in English, Spanish, and Hebrew.

Yes, you can pay in cash but it is necessary to give an advance; for more information about payment methods I recommend that you contact me directly via WhatsApp

-We accept the following cards:
*American Express

Tours can be canceled and a % is charged according to the time in advance of their cancellation. For more information on cancellation, I recommend you visit the Terms and Conditions section.

Adventures await

Every way to make your trip memorable.